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For Women 50+ in Transition:
What’s next?

Hi. I acknowledge you for checking out this website and wanting to make some changes in your life. These are, indeed, challenging times and we need all the support we can get.  

Does any of this sound like how you’re thinking and feeling?  

  • Your family, your work or both have consumed you. You’ve given all you have to give. You’re now saying to yourself, “I’ve reached my limit. Enough already!  I can’t go on like this anymore.”

  • Do you feel like you’re on a treadmill running as fast as you can but getting nowhere? Do you feel trapped or stuck?

  • Have you simply gone into autopilot? What once was fun, interesting and challenging in your life isn’t meaningful anymore?  

​You’re in the right place if … 

  • You find yourself in groups and gatherings yet feel alone and unsupported.

  • You look at yourself in the mirror and don’t recognize the woman looking back. You feel like you don’t know who you are anymore.

  • You look at where you are in your life right now and aren’t at all sure what your next step is or how to figure that out.  
Support for Women 50+ in Transition
Do you feel a growing yearning within you?  

  • Day-to-day life is getting you down and you secretly ask yourself, “When will I ever have any time for myself?”

  • You wonder, “Is this all there is to life?” and this triggers even bigger questions: “Who am I?” … “Why am I here?”

  • The circumstances in your life have made you strong. But you long for some support as you explore these bigger questions?

  • You’d love to get some clarity on what you want the next stage of your life to be like.

I know what you’re going through. You’re not alone. I’ve been through several major transitions in my own life.

Let me introduce myself.  I’m Donna Marie Scheifler and I support women 50+ who are “running on empty” after being everything for everyone else in their lives. I help them “recharge” so they can get on with their lives and thrive. I want this for you, too.

When You Join This Community 
...Here's What You'll Find
  • Be welcomed into a circle of like-minded women
  • Step into a relaxed, unhurried setting
  • Be understood and supported through your life changes
  • Take time for yourself after a lifetime of caring for others
  • Laugh and enjoy yourself
  • Share wisdom and life experiences
  • Recognize the strong, vibrant woman inside of you
  • Recapture your enthusiasm for life
  • Feel free and empowered to create the life you want to live
Here’s what some women have to say about working with me
“Now I know I have options and more freedom to choose what I want.”

Before I met Donna, I gave all my energy to my family and people at work. My mom was living with us … I felt pulled in all directions and overwhelmed! I was exhausted and on the verge of burnout because I didn’t have any help.

Donna got me to open up to the possibility of change. Now I know I have options and more freedom to choose what I want. Since working with Donna, I've learned to speak up for myself.

I feel more confident about myself, and I realize I’m here for a purpose. I’m myself. I'm alive. It’s great.

~ L.S., San Mateo, CA
“I’m happy now with who I am.”

Before I started working with Donna, I had this nagging feeling that I needed to get more in touch with myself. I felt like I was missing a piece of myself.

After several months of working with Donna, I started to enjoy simple things – a walk, sitting quietly, thinking about why I let some things bother me.

Now I’m learning not to dwell on things that I have no control over. I can listen to people, but I no longer get caught up in their saga of problems. ... I’m no longer dwelling on: “if only … my life would be a different one.”

I’m happy with the now and with who I am. My life is a work unfolding and is filled with self-discovery. I'm now able to live each day and enjoy the gift of each new day.

~ H.D., San Carlos, CA
“I began to recognize myself as a whole person again.   I said to myself, “OK, I’m back.”

Before I started working with Donna, my husband went through surgery for cancer. I ended up caretaking him 24/7… and losing myself in the process.

I needed to find myself again. I needed to find my own identity. I felt so lost; I didn’t even know how to reach out for help.

Donna is a wonderful treasure trove of women’s wisdom and experience. I was really excited when she started her group.

Just to be with other women was so important for me – to reconnect again socially – and be “out there” again. The timing was incredible for my own personal healing.

After about 6 months of working with Donna, I began to recognize myself as a whole person again. I said to myself, “OK, I’m back.”

Each woman brings something special to the group and we all benefit. This is the power of gathering women together.

I’m now learning how to care for others in a much healthier way while nourishing and honoring myself.

~ B.M., Belmont, CA
“Does this sound like what you want?”

If you want to thrive in the next stage of your life, you’re in the right place. I have a great resource to help you get started.

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Congratulations on taking the next step in creating the life you want to live.  

Your contact information will be kept private and confidential. I will not share your information with anyone else or send you too many messages. You may discontinue at any time. Enjoy. 

I'm here to support you in every way I can,

Donna Marie Scheifler
Your Mentor and Guide

P.S. After being everything for everyone else in your life, now it's your time to blossom. I want to support you as you take your next step. Be sure to check out the  special eBook I've written for you.