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We are experiencing a huge WAKE-UP CALL on a national and global scale. 
 Together we can overcome and create a world that works for everyone.  

This requires conscious and concerted effort. 

  • Tune in to yourself. Notice how you’re being impacted by the negative energy swirling around you. 
  • Be gentle with yourself. Get back to the basics: Get the rest you need. Eat nourishing food. Get outside. Get the exercise you need.  
  • Consciously choose to direct your attention toward the positive – toward what you LOVE and what you want to create.  
  • Focus on your vision for the future and work toward that. What you focus on grows.  
  • Connect with people you want to be with. 
  • Build a community that uplifts and empowers you. 

It’s better to light a candle
than curse the darkness.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

You're invited ... 

Zoom is the next best thing to being together in person. 
It's easy to download and to handle.  If I can do it, anyone can! 
I will send you the contact information.   

I'm offering a CIRCLE of SUPPORT

Online each New Moon in 2019: 

Sat, Jan 5 / Mon, Feb 4 / Wed, Mar 6 
Fri, Apr 5 / Sat, May 4 / Mon, June 3
Tues, July 2 / Wed, July 31 / Fri, Aug 30
Sat, Sept 28 / Sun, Oct 27 / Tues, Nov 26

4-6 pm PST
Time subject to change ...
depending on the preference of the group.
Live via Zoom or listen later.

What’s included:

Be understood and supported as you move through this time of great change
Time to 
        RELEASE whatever from the past moon cycle is no longer serving you  
        RE-CONNECT with your power and wisdom 
        RE-CHARGE as you move into a new moon cycle 
Suggested theme / affirmation / reflection question for each moon cycle
Access to Donna via email during each moon cycle for help with challenges and questions, but also to celebrate and share breakthroughs!

Join us … 

Here’s what a couple of women in my current circle have to say:  

Thank you, Donna, for your guidance and caring.  
You have made it easier for me to be in this world. ~MM

Donna, you empower us, you motivate us and you help us move ahead.  
You are truly an inspiration. ~CA

Donna, you have a magnificent way of reflecting and assisting women 
to come to their own truth. ~LB

Investment:  $49/Moon Cycle
For the most benefit, 
you’re encouraged to participate throughout the entire year.  

Register now by clicking on the PayPal button
(or) contacting me directly.

I look forward to being in this circle with you.  

Let me know if you've got questions. 
[email protected]  

Online each New Moon in 2019 

This is a safe space 
where we gather each month 
in a virtual circle of mutual support. 
When you look back over the past year, can you see where you've gone through 
denial / anger / bargaining / depression / acceptance 
... and possibly even gotten stuck in one or other for a while?

As deep ecologist Joanna Macy has so wisely described, we are both hospice workers for an unsustainable, dying system, and also midwives to a new age.