The Holidays are coming!
How can you make them
YOUR most wonderful time of the year?

Imagine you’re driving to a family holiday gathering. 

  • What’s the conversation going on in your head?
  • What are your feelings?
  • How are these feelings showing up in your body? 

As you arrive at the gathering place & are parking the car, does the conversation
continue, shift or intensify? 

As you approach the front door what are you telling yourself?
You might not notice anything – this self-talk may be unconscious – because your inner conversation is as natural as breathing. 
That’s all well & good when this conversation is positive, encouraging, uplifting, exciting. 
But when it’s not – when it’s conflicted, negative, critical or nasty – what do you do then? 
How do you tend to and befriend yourself?
You are not alone as you recognize this dynamic within yourself.  We all have conflicting PARTS
of ourselves to deal with.    
There may come a time when you’ve had it, when you say, “Enough is enough.”  That’s a significant turning point. 
= = = = = = =
For me it came when I realized that I kept doing things because I thought I was supposed to. 
I hadn’t allowed myself to see my options.  Eventually, this pattern got to be really frustrating
A time finally came when I took a stand for myself.  I refused to continue going to a large family holiday dinner!  As is often the case, the liquor was flowing freely and the situation was no longer tolerable for me.

As you might imagine, the first time around, I didn’t handle the situation gracefully. 

Actually, I acted quite like a 2-year-old with my arms crossed in front of my chest, my heels dug into the floor and adamantly saying, “NO!  Don’t count me in.  I’m not going!”

Sometime later, I was introduced to “PARTS work” (for lack of a better term) and I learned calmer ways of speaking up for myself!  I also found a life-giving alternative to that unpleasant family holiday dinner.   

Often our PARTS are in conflict with each other when there’s a decision to be made. 

Looking back, I realize that …
  • One PART of me didn’t want to go to the family holiday dinner.
  • Another PART of me felt like I had no choice.
  • A third PART of me stepped up and became my spokesperson! 

Think of a time when you were caught in this kind of dilemma.  How did you resolve it? 

Did you ever wonder where these PARTS of yourself came from?  I dare to say that they’ve been around for a very long while. 

Online Womens Circle and Womans Book Group The Second Half of Life Book
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With the holidays approaching, you have a golden opportunity to recognize & engage your PARTS

The holidays are chuck-full of expectations in and around you.  These expectations trigger different reactions in you. 

Have you gotten to the point that the inner turmoil has worn you out? 
Is this the year you say, “Enough is enough"?

This time around would you like the holidays to be your most wonderful time of the year? 

This can happen for you no matter what your current situation is.  As a woman in midlife or beyond,
the holidays aren’t what they used to be.  Things are different now. 

You’re at a moment of choice.  You have several weeks before everything kicks into high gear. 
Let the “pre-season games” begin! 

You’re invited to join an online circle of supportive women
as we explore together our PARTS. 

Get all you PARTS collaborating with each other, heading in the direction YOU want to go. 

Here’s what we’ll cover in the 4 sessions:

1. Start to get a sense of your PARTS. 
  • Pick ONE to focus on. 

2. Explore the PAST …
  • When did the PART first show up in your life?
  • What was going on for you at that time? 
  • What’s its purpose? 

3. Explore the PRESENT
  • Which PARTS are enabling you to move forward? 
  • Which ones aren’t?

4. Imagine the FUTURE
  • Tweak, revise, upgrade the “job description” of your outdated PART.

You can be sure this will lead to some fascinating discussions! 

Create some holiday magic for yourself! 


Online Women's Circle Program Details...

  • This will be an intimate group of 6 - 8 women.
  • We will commit ourselves to maintain confidentiality.  

  • 4 Tuesdays, 2-4 pm (Pacific Standard Time)

  • Nov 12 / Nov 19 / Dec 3 / Dec 10, 2019

  • We will meet online via Zoom that's very user-friendly like Skype. 
  • Let me know if you have any questions re: Zoom. 

  • A resource list will be provided. 

  • The price of this 4-session program: $97.  
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​Join the Online Women's Circle

Here’s what a couple of the women have to say about our first online group:

I wouldn't have believed that a group could be fun, insightful, and successful online!  Donna creates a safe atmosphere with such simple accessibility.  In your own comfortable environment, it's easy to explore ideas and share with others.  An added benefit is meeting women from a wide variety of locales.  I would encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity.   

~ Lorraine
If you are on the fence about wanting to join the next group with Donna, do it.  She will help expand your thinking way beyond what you can imagine.   

~ Suz